Waring Pro BFS50B Professional-Grade Warming Tray and Buffet Server Review

Waring Pro BFS50B Professional Buffet Server and Warming TrayI really like the Waring Pro BFS50B and hope I have purchased it many years before!

I set this server to an intense evaluation for their 1st use once I arranged all the daily meals for a 12-person contest team in a twenty-five-hour durability competition. I baked almost all the foodstuff early (crucial note: you should not utilize this item to COOK the foods, it will not hot enough to be secure).

After that, I applied this server to re-heat and then deliver heated food for the crew night and day. On the weekend lunch time, we got sandwiches with a single stainless-steel box keeping the Barbecue, with the rest of the rack heating the buns. Sunday dinner time, we enjoyed a Mexican food and this product was great.

Initially, I utilized the tray on their own with tamales and also tortillas twisted in aluminum foil till they were warm. After that, I place the two-point five-quart pots onto heat – one kept around three pounds. of beef taco (possibly might have kept no less than five pounds), an additional held five pounds of shredded rooster, and the 3rd, I place half refried mixed beans together with half brown rice.

When heating up, I switched Waring Pro BFS50B in higher setting and rather than the plastic covers, I protected the storage units with aluminum foil and also put the heated tamales and tortillas at the top.

I had been requesting far more than this product was designed to do, however it functioned great! The tamales and tortillas kept hot, and this product had the rice/beans/meat warm within an hour or so.

When it became very hot, I switched the temperature to lower setting, placed on the plastic covers, and was capable to keep the tortillas/tamales at the top to keep warm and toasty. The crew/drivers enjoyed in works, and this product maintained the food items hot throughout the night, with just a bit stirring in order to maintain the temperature even.

I had been amazed to realize that the Waring Pro BFS50B lid layout leads to sufficient steam/condensation to maintain the food items damp – even after several hours, absolutely nothing goes dry. Another good advantage is this does not pull lots of electricity. The track was operating small on electrical power, but this product was alright keeping on throughout the night.

My satisfied surprise using this item was once I discovered that the stainless-steel pans became very simple to clean up despite the truth that the Mexican meals was in it throughout the night, after that placed for a few days till I was capable to clean it.

I believed without a doubt the bean particularly could be a challenge to clean up, however it was very easy. The storage containers are not officially “nonstick” and also do not offer that Teflon style covering in it, however Waring Pro BFS50B continue to be easy to clean up.Waring Pro BFS50B Professional Buffet Server and Warming Tray

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