OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Surface 8-Inch Open Frypan Review

Extremely great. There is a glass-top range and this OXO good grips non-stick surface 8-inch open frypan is extremely flat, either inside as well as out — a very important thing. Assesses an entire 12 inches across max inside diameter. Handgrip convenient and also stays cold. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Open Frypan, 8 - Inch

I would not place it in the micro wave because of soft cushioned grip, but perhaps that is only me. Looked back and then purchased a 10 inch as well that is of a lot more benefit to me. Good boxed however delivery (from West Coast like I try to remember) was to take more time than it would.

I do not apply it to sear beef, instead I make use of forged iron to get that and for micro wave use. Non-stick excellent even though I usually apply some kind of oil* and then just wood or plastic equipment, and hand cleaning exclusively. I understand, discriminating.

Much better than T-Fal? A little bit flatter, however that is relating to everything I could notice and T-Fal is cheaper. Wonderful tiny pan, ideal for eggs and similar. Must make sure to utilize nylon equipment rather than stainless steel because everything non-stick.OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Open Frypan, 8 - Inch

Common Questions

Will the pan possess a “domed” bottom part or maybe it totally flat? Will egg yolks and the whites remain at the middle, not like another pan that slip to the right or left side

It will be a single pan I own which has continued to be flat. I prepare on an electrical burner and great surface is vital, which OXO good grips non-stick surface 8-inch open frypan offers.

Just how deep the pan?

Around 1,5 inches. Perfectly sloped, simple to turn food with fairly light weight. Good quality pan.

There is a glass cook-top. Will be the outside bottom part of the pan smooth out, or can it damage a surface area when you slip it across it?

The outside bottom part of this pan is actually smooth out and also has not damaged my glass cook-top range. It will be a great to prepare dinner using this pan, which is simple to wash because of the actual non-stick covering. Just like many OXO items that I have, this OXO good grips non-stick surface 8-inch open frypan is definitely well-crafted and also very useful.

Will this pan get in the microwave oven?

Sure, it will be.OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Open Frypan, 8 - Inch

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