Moen Towel Bars Reviews – Best from Expert

The Moen towel bars are extremely handy at when they are placed in the best place. This means that when you clean your palms, you no longer need to change direction to obtain the hand towel to dried up on your own.

Moen DN8418BN Preston 18” Brushed Nickel Bathroom Towel Bar

The bar is extremely lightweight, however, slides around once a bath towel is slid from it. It would make a metal-on-metal noises. I possibly could place a few glues on the ends to prevent it from moving, however I should not need to do that!

Fantastic style of Moen towel bars. Plain and stylish. Regular dimensions. I did not need to make new holes, I utilized the ones of the previous hanger, however it includes a guideline when you have to drill it. Appears strong. I really like it.Moen DN8418BN Preston 18-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

Moen DN6822BN Sage 24” Brushed Nickel Bathroom Double Towel Bar

I really like the style and it cannot simpler to spot the positioning. I really like that most of these have separately plastic durable toggle bolts to ensure that when I did not smack a stud, it could be extremely safe. The toggle bolts are simple to predrill (they listing the dimensions bit you will need) and then one time tapped into position are not rolling.

I additionally really like the style, plain but fresh and with children, I really like that this Moen towel bars is spot proof therefore getting it scrub down is sufficient to ensure that it stays clear and brand new looking. Would have to purchase more like these sooner or later!Moen DN6822BN Sage 24-Inch Bathroom Double Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

Moen DN8424CH Preston 24” Chrome Bathroom Towel Bar

For cheap, you cannot make a mistake in this way. Another thing…when I set up it initially the bar managed to spin easily in the end lids. This created a metal on metal noise that was irritating. I began to take away the rod and then covered every end of the rod with some electric tape. Small tape to ensure that the end lid still dealt with the tape. Place the rod back in and then it did not spin again. Excellent!Moen DN8424CH Preston 24-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Chrome

Moen YB0486CH Align Chrome Bathroom Hand Towel Bar

Superior quality, however side rods (that attach away from the wall structure) are bigger than I anticipated. Not ideal for my own visual choice, however I am holding it due to the level of quality and simply because it is very difficult to find a towel bar which is completely sized for a hands towel. Extremely strong appliance to set up and the Moen towel bars setup is simple once you learn what you really are performing, only utilize the integrated guide-model to set up the product and you will be perfect.Moen YB0486CH Align Bathroom Hand Towel Bar, Chrome

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