Braun Travel Alarm Clock – Little Tough Item

The perfect length for portability, this Braun travel alarm clock features a smooth to study LCD show with a patented high visibility backlight and a snooze function.

Braun BNC002BKBK Classic Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

What I love great about the Braun BNC002BKBK alarm clock is the reality that that is the quietest alarm clock I have ever come upon. By quiet, I imply the noise of the clock jogging, now not the sound of the alarm going off. You can have positioned the clock on a nightstand right subsequent to your ear and you may nevertheless have a peaceful night. All you listen from this clock is silence. Absolute, divine silence.

When is time to awaken, however, the sound of the alarm is loud enough to accomplish the assignment.

This Braun travel alarm clock is smaller than what I had notion from searching at the snap shots at the Amazon page, however that is my fault for now not analyzing the size. This is not a trouble, it is simply something that caught me by marvel.

The clock feels sturdy and exudes exact craftsmanship. You get the influence that this is a well-constructed clock in an effort to last a long time.

I’ve simplest had it for more than one weeks, but to date, it continues excellent time.Braun BNC002BKBK Classic Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

Braun BNC005BKBK Classic Motion Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

Braun has constantly made an excellent product and that is no exception. I bought Braun travel alarm clock to replace my old version journey alarm clock, which I’ve had for 30+ years. It became still walking, but the front closure had damaged off years in the past & then the light in the end cease, so I decided it changed into time to splurge on a brand new one! It’s a traditional layout, and I’m very happy with my purchase.Braun BNC005BKBK Classic Motion Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

Braun Men’s Square Alarm Clock

I love this clock. I nevertheless have 2 of the antique ones. This layout is subtle and beautiful. The ticking is quieter. Though it is lacking the interior light feature, the bigger face and fingers are easier to see each night and day. Clean line design people: This Braun travel alarm clock is great.Braun Men's Square Alarm Clock

Braun BNC002WHWH Classic Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

No one enjoys sleepless nights packed with desires approximately oversleeping and going for walks overdue the next day. Fortunately, this Braun analog alarm clock will help you to rest smooth and ensure you may awaken on time whenever. Easy to apply this alarm clock will now not handiest inform you the time of day but additionally capabilities quiet.

Quartz movement and simplest makes use of 1 AA battery to perform. With this Braun alarm you’ll never spend another minute of it traumatic about waking up on time.Braun BNC002WHWH Classic Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

Braun BNC008BK LCD Quartz Alarm Clock

I purchased this tour alarm clock because I couldn’t find an alarm clock that met my needs. I am currently analyzing distant places and I wanted an alarm clock that become small, portable, and practical.

Some of the reviews talk the dim show of this alarm clock and whilst I agree that it indeed has a “dim” show, this is surely what I desired. With other larger alarm clocks, I observed the shows to be too shiny and distracting and that is something that could hassle me at night.

I can without difficulty see the time after which once I turn the lights out, the clock efficaciously “gets out of the manner.” At that factor, after I need to see the show, I can simply press the “light” button at the top of the Braun travel alarm clock and the display illuminates for ten seconds.Braun BNC008BK LCD Quartz Alarm Clock

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