Mirrotek Beauty Armoire Makeup Organizer with Vanity Table Reviews

Customize and configure the mirrored multi-functional beauty armoire with no tools. Arrange your own nail polish, makeup, perfume, brushes, eye shadow or others in a single handy place. Ease yourself from the worries of having up and running up. Just open the cabinet then get all you need right away. Check this for more info.

Over the Door Advantages

Would not it be good to enjoy an organized area to keep all your accessories and cosmetics? Almost all your effort is now able to kept with over the door make-up organizer armoire with mirror desk. With an integrated vanity table and mirror, you will not have to show that little area on the sink with shaving set.

This simple-to-install cabinet offers a sleek shape and available in 3 lovely wood coatings. It hooks directly over the door, which means that space is not a problem. Mirrortek beauty organizer with vanity table is American-made furnishing that will easily fit in the most compact houses. No more waiting for the mirror to clear, since you hold one here.Mirrotek Armoire Makeup Organizer with Vanity Table White Frame

Stress-Free Setup

Mirrotek over the door combination jewelry and makeup armoire installation is very simple and easy. It should come to your house practically set up. All you have to do is configure and customize it for your demands and routine. Designed with deep cups for makeup pads, swabs, cotton balls and sponges. Long drawers for eyeliners, mascaras, scissors, tweezers, brushes and nail files. Separate shelf for nail polishes and then semi shelf for eye shadows.

Personalized Arrangement from The Beginning

Every one of all-in-one cabinets opens to expose various enclosures for deep pockets and shelves. Installing your brand-new mirror based on your current preferred arrangement is very easy; Or perhaps you can easily follow the straightforward arrangement guidelines

Full-length Fitting Mirror

Your current armoire is available with a full dressing mirror on the doors. It’s not necessary to go to the nearby mirror to check if everything goes coordinates. The fitting mirror takes 48 inches in length. The connected hooks provide you with an easy length to suit your height at set up process.Full Length Mirror

Sleek Shape and Countless Possibilities

table and vanity mirror, plastic compartment, deep cups, and undivided shelves all in a sleek 8 inches’ combination armoire. One location to maintains your things whenever you need it when you use your make-up and be ready. Space for any daily cosmetic makeup products.

Just grab the cabinet shelves or rod into location therefore you are ready. Every part is confidently manufactured in the America and with only the best components.

Conveniently Adapt to Your Preferences

Just take away the base to switch the elevation. Absolutely no tools needed. Over-the-door mirror makeup vanity armoire give yourself the flexibility to save all your cosmetic stuff with becoming restricted by shelf dimensions.

Drop-Down Vanity

The armoire offers A drop-down vanity desk along with an appropriate location for every   ends and odds you have. Lastly, organize the nail polishes with covering, or even the brand new luxurious skin creams. The storing opportunities using this multi-functional combination make-up armoire is limited with your creativity.

The mixture cabinet with outfitting mirror with a drop-down vanity mirror to maintain the things at fingertip when you use your cosmetics.Pdrop-down vanity


  • Integrated vanity mirror
  • Integrated drop-down vanity table
  • Compartments for nail polish, swabs, makeup pads, eye shadow, bottles, sponges, cotton balls and also daily beauty products
  • Slim mirror with integrated hidden beauty and makeup armoire
  • Mirror is 48 inch
  • 100% made from united states
  • Very easily connects to typical walls or doors with high quality mounting brackets


This framed beauty and cosmetic cabinet with  mirror gently improves a dressing room or bedroom with no using a lot of space. Forget about looking for things you need because the cabinet has sufficient and specific storage to arrange your daily cosmetic products for a fast process on hectic times. Find best prices here.

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